Celebrating Fifty Years - Nunesdale Farms
Saturday September 15, 2007
Barb Elliott Don Holden (Beth) and Walker Collins (Marge) Mike Doolittle, Marge Bilderback, Walker Collins, Pat Wendell
Mike Doolittle, Frank Aftowicz (Maryann) Pat, Debbie, Naomi, Maryann and Gayle Walker Collins, football rivalry with Don Holden???
Bobbi, Juanita, Irving Steinberg and Sue Bruemmer

Judy Roddy "aka Cowgirl"

Walker & Marge Bilderback Collins
Sue Cullen & The Parking Crew
 Bob Burchard & John Bassett
Jerry Robinson (Diana Nevins) and Barry Sharrow Deb Cline & Marge Bilderback
Dave Cunneen & George Cruickshank Maryann Schembs Marge Bilderback & Deb Cline
Bruce & Phyllis Sharrow THAT HUSSY (Mary Lu) and my husband!!! Sally McCarthy and Tom Nunes
Text Box: Love that yellow scooter and the horn!!!
Gayle Charles & Kathy Carlson Paddy Moore Sally McCarthy and Jeanne Wilson
Pat Wendell & Don Regalia Diana Nevins, Beth Kruger, Bobbi Keesmaat, Sue Cullen and Dian Clifford Pat Massey and Georgelle Wishard
Juanita & husband Joe, Kathy Carlson Jack Quintero, Dave Cunneen Jeanie Young
Dian Clifford, Jack Quintero & Jeanne Wilson Jeanie Young, Gayle Charles, Sue Cullen Jim Holmgren and Jeanne Wilson
Naomi Fourshey, Maryann Schembs Judy O'Brien, Paddy Moore Anne Fenton, Sue Bruemmer
Juanita Aralar Paddy Moore, Judy O'Brien, Rosemary Del Rosso Roger Chaix
Kathy Sheridan, Phyllis Rogers Paul Monahan, Paddy Moore Jeanne Wilson, Beth Kruger, Pat Massey
Judy O'Brien, Beth Kruger, Pat Massey,
Linda & Roger Chaix
Judy Miller, Steve Elder, Marge Bilderback,
Sue Cullen
Judy Miller, Bruce Sharrow, Jeanne Wilson
Judy Miller Dick Yoell Francine Rodgers
Bruce Sharrow, Wes Curry, Bobbi Keesmaat,
Dick Tarrant, Judy Miller
Diana Nevins, Naomi Fourshey, Juanita Aralar Pat Wendell, Maryann Schembs, Sally McCarthy
Sally McCarthy, Dorothy Briare Chuck Cosce, Mike Doolittle Rosemary Del Rosso, Tom Nunes
Connie Henneberry Bob Leary, Sue Cullen, Judy Miller Dave & Francine Cunneen
Sue Cullen, Barb Elliott, Gayle Charles   Barb Phelan, Dixie Heer